Youth Congress WhatsApp Group Links 2021

     Youth Congress WhatsApp Group Links

                             Hey Folks. Hoping that you are doing great in health. Welcome back to the Group Join Linksthis time we are back with the Youth Congress WhatsApp Group Links. Youth Congress is the youth wing of the Indian National Congress party. The objective of the Indian Youth Congress is doing social work activities like Planting Trees, Blood Donation Camps, Annadanam, etc., and also questioning the ring wing activities. Students play an active role in the Youth Congress, they are the backbone of this department. 

   Youth Congress WhatsApp Group Invite Links, here you will find the Whatsapp groups from every state and also wings. Join these Whatsapp group links by click on the invite link.

Youth Congress WhatsApp Group Rules:

  • Maintain the confidentiality of the group.
  • If you have any information to share in the group, think twice, and share it.
  • Feel free to indulge in the conversations and discuss them.
  • Don't create chaos in the group.
  • Share only the relevant information in the group.
  • Don't share your personal and confidential information in the group.
  • Group participants are requested to respect each other.
  • Don't misuse the mobile numbers of the group participants.
  • Don't message the group participants without their permission.
  • Mute the notifications if you are getting disturbed from office works or other important work.
  • Don't feel offended if others leave.

Youth Congress WhatsApp Group Invite Links:


🌟Team INC:

🌟Rojo Aana:

🌟Best Friends Zone:


🌟Treasury Funds:

🌟State Congress:


🌟Youth Leader:


🌟24/7  Rajasthan:

🌟Samajhik Summit:

🌟Work For People:

🌟Yuva Bharat:


🌟World News:

🌟Mission 2020:



🌟True Devtha:


🌟Congress MP:

🌟Jay ho Bharat:

🌟Team Deepender:

🌟Lahore Hub:

🌟UP Congress:

🌟Rahul Gandhi:

🌟People Voice:


🌟Congress Committee:

🌟Rahul Gandhi:

🌟Political Debate:


🌟Indian INC:


🌟National News:

🌟Mission 2020:

🌟Human Rights:

🌟Be Careful:

🌟Mitr Mandal:

🌟Social Media:



🌟Janhit Khabar:

🌟Jan Seva:

🌟Congress Sarkar:

🌟Mathru Bhumi:

🌟INC Rajasthan:

🌟Congress Committee:



🌟Digital Force:

🌟MP Sena:

🌟Congress Media:

🌟Delhi IAS:

🌟Samajwadi Party:

🌟Closed Group:


🌟Secular India:


🌟Support Rahul:

🌟MP Kamal Nath:

🌟Sirf INC:

🌟Congress Office:

🌟Party Meet:




🌟News Updates:

🌟AICTU Congress:

🌟INC Party:

🌟Secular India :

🌟Modi v/s Rahul:

🌟RJD Mission 2020:


🌟National Meetings: 

🌟Union :

🌟Rajasthan Times:

🌟Think And Fight

🌟Help India:

🌟Mission 2020:

🌟Congress Party Meetings:

🌟Team Sonipat:


🌟Youth Congress:

🌟Amethi Youth:

🌟Next PM:


🌟Rojgar Updates:

🌟PM Rahul:

🌟Youth Congress:

🌟Rahul Gandhi Sena:

🌟Help Khabar:


🌟Kamal Nath:

🌟Ravish Kumar:


🌟Gandhi Family:

🌟Congress Committee:

🌟Hindi Quint:

🌟Yudh 2020:

More Links To Be Updated Soon.


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